How youtube earn money | Answer by Laddi Goraya

If you are a youtube viewer or a creator. One question that is really stuck in your mind is ” How does Youtube earn money”

Well in this article I’m trying to explain to you each and every method from which Youtube earns money. Youtube is the number one video-consuming platform in the world. Or we can say Youtube is a Search Engine as well.

Everyone comes and search for their queries, question, problems, etc on youtube. Youtube tries to give you the best answer or find the best video based on your search results. It is as simple as that.

But now the question is how does youtube give all the information free to the viewers? What is the source of income for youtube?

Question: How Youtube Earn Money

Answer: Do you notice whenever you play a video, some kind of advertisement comes in starting of a video or somewhere in the middle?

That advertisement is the main source of income for youtube.

Let’s assume you are a businessman and your company makes a product and you want to promote your product on the platform where you will get huge customers for your product.

For this, you want a place where there is a lot of audiences and viewers to watch your product and buy it. And Youtube is that platform for you.

You give some money to Youtube to place your products review at the starting of videos. From where your product will be sold and you will make good money.

So in simple Youtube make Money from advertisers. And advertisers make money when Youtube promotes their products in the form of ads running on videos.

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