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This is the all-new chrome os flex review article. Google has finally brought its cloud-centric super fast os from its Chromebooks to pcs and macs but with a few twists here and there.

I’ve been a long-time chrome os user and it’s a completely different way of using it. A computer chrome os is a simple fast and secure operating system that was designed for the modern always-connected world. It’s just brilliant you don’t worry about updates, battery life, or your files with chrome os. Rather you work faster play better and this amazing experience is now available right on your computers with Chrome OS flex.

So let’s jump right in and see the chrome os flex guide to download it.

What we are going to cover in this Article?

  • What exactly chrome os flex is? 
  • Chrome OS Flex download.
  • How does it perform?
  • What kind of apps you can install on it?
  • The user interface.
  • What advantages does chrome os flex brings for you?
  • How is it better than other operating systems?
  • How is it different from chrome os? 
  • Can you game on it?
  • How to install and use chrome os flex?

 We’re answering all the questions so let’s start off.

So what exactly is Chrome Os flex?

Chrome OS flex is a fast and lightweight Linux-based operating system created by Google. it is a web-first system. It focuses on working with web applications. google’s chrome browser is the central element of this operating system.

The chrome os experience which was exclusive on Chromebooks till now is made available to other computers. With this, you can download and install chrome os flex on your computer right now to give you a little context of chrome os it is famous for its remarkably simple and super speedy experience and it has been very popular with nearly a hundred million Chromebooks sold in the last three years.

Chrome os flex has its lineage in chrome os and another operating system called cloud-ready which was created by a company called Neverwhere both of which are in turn based on the chromium os project.

Chrome os flex stable release date

In a report, Google says a stable version of Chrome OS Flex will be made available in the coming months. Those who were using CloudReady Chrome os flex will be upgraded to Chrome OS Flex free of charge in the future.

Chrome OS Flex download for Pc.

How do I install chrome os flex, Chrome os flex installation is extremely simple.

  1. First, you need to install a chrome extension called Chromebook recovery utility this works on mac and windows it doesn’t work on Linux.
  2. Then plug in the pen drive that you want to use.
  3. From the drop-down select google chrome flex. Select and go, this will download and install chrome os flex on the USB stick. This will make a boot-able Pendrive for installation.
  4. Then you need to restart your computer and boot it to the pen drive using boot device selection.
  5. Once the pen drive boots, you can either try chrome os flex or install it. The install option are here select your hard disk and install flex that’s it there are no other options or anything if you click on install it just installs the os.
  6. While the installation is simple I would have liked more options like the install location during installation.
  7. Once installed you can log in with your Google account and start using chrome os flex.

The user interface of chrome os flex

And this is the user interface of the new chrome os flex. one of the enticing reasons to use chrome os flex is its simple sleek interface that is so easy to use. No matter if you’re coming from a windows or mac background you’ll feel at home here very quickly.

The home screen features a bottom panel with your favorite web apps fully customizable with drag and drop. then we get a system tray with important system controls and notifications. here wi-fi Bluetooth volume and a few other things are given here and this lets you control your system with just a few clicks.

Then comes the launcher now this is a masterstroke for chrome os flex. this launcher houses all your apps. the top section is pinned with the last four files you have worked with both on this system and on your google account. So it’s really easy to get back to work in fact this launcher reminds and encourages you to get back to work. 

Then the search is just amazing we can search for apps installed on the system. Search the web with google directly jump to our most visited and favorite websites go to certain settings directly and search for files on your system. as you start typing these results are displayed and they are categorized very nicely so that you can get what exactly you want.

With this search, the workflow gets so much faster, and personally, I know I’m more productive on my Chromebook for certain tasks.

The user interface of chrome os has a few features that make day to day experience better. any file you download will be pinned on the bottom shelf for quick access. 

Navigation getting around the system is another area where chrome os has always been superior to other operating systems. 

Firstly the trackpad is used brilliantly with so many gestures available we all use a single finger for moving the cursor. Two-finger for scrolling and zooming and options. chrome os flex has three-finger gestures for switching between tabs and then we get four-finger swipes for switching between desks or workspaces. while I don’t really use four-finger swipes a lot but I absolutely love three-finger gestures on my Chromebook. It really makes working so much faster and I really feel more efficient at my work. 

Then we also get google assistant it wakes up on ok google or hey google and does whatever you ask it to do. This makes basic tasks like checking conversion rates doing basic calculations or getting some quick information very convenient and quick.

It can do so much more like creating and opening documents searching and opening files from your google drive working with your calendar changing device settings like turning on the Bluetooth or changing the brightness playing music sending emails and so much more.

Once you start using this assistant you’re really going to appreciate it. Overall talking about the user interface the looks and feel of chrome os flex we get a completely modern colorful productive oriented yet really simple desktop and I can’t see anybody not falling in love with this.

Chrome os is known for its super-fast performance and that quick boot-up and chrome os flex delivers the same snappy performance. 

Chromebooks are generally inexpensive devices that use very low power processors but you never see any lags or freezes. I am not exaggerating but the experience of using a Chromebook may be better than many laptops are mainly because chrome os is very lightweight.

And by design responsiveness is prioritized heavily. Here we should also remember that basically chrome browser is the only application running here. It’s more complicated than that actually but it is the only user application running when we say responsiveness applications open up before we even properly finish clicking on the icon.

Chrome os flex is that fast switching between apps tabs feels so smooth working with google docs creating presentations watching videos everything is effortlessly fast here. And the boot-up times are so good on all my computers.

Chrome os flex starts up and is ready for use in less than 5 seconds if installed on SSD. Hard disk drives need a bit more time but they are amazingly fast nevertheless.

Performance of Chrome os Flex.

Now talking about the raw performance as in benchmarks or compiling or gaming that completely depends on your hardware and I don’t really think that matters a lot. As chrome os flex is not designed to be used for compiling the Linux kernel or running the witcher 3 natively. I’m not saying you can’t but if you use chrome os flex for what it is intended to that is working with web applications you’ll be more than satisfied.

You’ll actually fall in love with how smooth it is. Chrome os flex is specifically suggested for older laptops and desktops by google, this will significantly lengthen the lifetime of these old computers and even on these, the performance is pretty impressive overall.

Can I download apps on chrome OS flex? chrome os flex applications.

Chrome os flex focuses on working with web applications primarily and this is where you’re in for a wild experience. The world has gone digital we are better connected and the web is evolving rapidly. 

Websites are not static pages of information anymore like the early days of the internet today websites are so much more they are used to run businesses do banking to communicate to edit photos and videos, in fact, there is hardly anything left for which there isn’t a website. 

You can play high-end games like cyberpunk 2077 online today. Google has been working intensely in bringing the power of the cloud to the user making the experience of working online most seamless and chrome os flex does this brilliantly.

For the office, you get google docs you can work with word files presentations, and excel sheets and they work offline too then they are absolutely free so that’s great for students too. Google obviously provide all their app here then we can install many additional applications from the chrome web store we have everything from photo and video editors to games here you get to choose from thousands of apps across many categories. many of these apps work offline but you get the best experience

Linux apps on OS Flex.

On chrome os flex when connected to the internet since chrome os flex is powered by the Linux kernel we can install and run Linux apps. Here this significantly widens the domain of what can be done on chrome os flex. Most Linux apps run here without any issues you need to enable the Linux environment from the settings and then you can use the app command to install apps.

Android apps on OS Flex.

We get android apps on chrome os but they are not yet available here in flex. I hope we get them in later versions as some android apps bring fantastic functionality to chrome os. 

Does chrome os flex have a play store? chrome os flex app store.

No chrome os flex app store is not available for now. Yes, Chrome os flex does not have a play store right now. But might be Available later. Chrome os flex is essentially a web-centric system and working with web applications has its minimal limitations. It definitely has some amazing benefits too. Web apps are generally more affordable there’s no installation hassle. They work on every system with an internet connection irrespective of the pc specs they can be used on multiple devices seamlessly and the files are stored in the cloud which in itself is a huge benefit.

I can talk all day about this but you have to experience it firsthand and then decide if it’s for you or not. of course, you need to give it some time to adjust to this style of computing. chrome os flex is a great system for entertainment for online media consumption, it’s pretty much the same as any other system running a browser. Netflix, prime, and youtube all offer the same experience here.

Chrome os flex for android?

There is no support for android devices for now. But in the future chrome os flex for android and chrome os flex on tablets will be available.OS Flex will be run on Tabs. Chrome books are already available in the market to use chrome OS.

Chrome os flex for iPad?

For now, chrome os flex has only support for Windows Pc and Macbooks. In Apple products, Chrome os flex is only available for MacBooks. But chrome os flex for iPad is not available. Because chrome os flex is a cloud stream software it might be available in the future for iPads and Tabs.

Chrome os flex iso file size?

Download the Chrome OS BIN ISO file from here,(Click to Download download now ). Chrome os flex iso size is 1GB. This file is to help you create a bootable USB of  Chrome OS Flex. You can also use the Chromebook Utility tool to create bootable USB using the offline installer of Chrome OS flex.


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