How To Split Your WordPress Post Into Multiple Pages | Split Post Into Multiple Pages

Splitting a WordPress post is very useful if you usually do write long articles or something that is very lengthy to explain or takes 500 to 1000 words for a single paragraph.

Split post into multiple pages is also very helpful when you placed google ads in your article. While writing any long article if you use a split post idea then a single article will make more clicks on multiple pages as compared to an article on the same page.

But for some reasons it will harass your reader. But the average might be less. Because if you write your article more informative then your reader must click on the next page to write your full article. It all depends on the reading interest of a reader.

Overall Splitting long articles into several pages make it very easier for your readers to read articles and helps them to navigate different sections.

Now It all depends on whether you use this or not. Just check your reader’s behavior and then do what is exactly required for your website.

So Let me tell you how to do this in very easy steps. Just follow the below steps one by one.

How To Split Your WordPress Post Into Multiple Pages (without Plugin)

This is the easiest way to split a post into multiple pages without the help of any WordPress plugin. This message is used when you use a new post editor or block editor. This method is also helpful in the classic editor but the process is different and will tell you later.

To do this in Block Editor:-

Open WordPress Admin Panel.

Then write a new post or edit any old post.

After that, click the plus (+) button where you want to split your post.

Then add a ‘Page Break’ block with the help of blocks.

After applying this a page break line will appear in your content.

Then update or publish your post.

To do this in Classic Editor:-

Open WordPress Admin Panel.

Then write a new post or edit any old one.

And go to the ‘Text’ view.

Then paste this tag code <!––nextpage––> tag to split your content. Paste the tag where you would like to split your post.

Or You can also use a shortcut key Alt + Shift + P to apply this in visual view.

Then update or publish your post.

How To Split Your WordPress Post Into Multiple Pages (with a WordPress Plugin)

This method works with the help of a WordPress plugin. The benefit of using the plugin is that it will automatically paginate posts when it meets certain criteria. You just need to apply some settings and save them. The same will automatically be applied to every article.

So to do this we will use the free Automatically Paginate Posts plugin.

Open WordPress Admin panel.

Go to the ‘Plugin section’ and click on ‘AddNew’

Search for a plugin ‘Automatically Paginate Posts’ plugin.

Then activate the plugin.

After successfully activating the plugin, go to Settings> Reading> and scroll down to ‘Automatically Paginate Posts’ section.

From there Select the ‘Supported Post type’ Select ‘Post’ and tick in the box.

Then in ‘Split post by’ chose the number of pages you want to split a post, and fill word quantity (Recommender word quality is 500)

Click on the save button to save all the settings.

So by doing this the plugin will automatically split your post based on your settings. However, you can also add page breaks manually to your content while using the plugin.

When do we Need to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages? (Post Pagination)

Post Pagination:- Post pagination is a process to make multiple pages or break down a post into various pages. This helps to break the article into different sections and split articles into multiple pages. By doing this visitors can easily understand your article content and read any section they are interested in.

And also post pagination is beneficial for website owners. It can help to increase page views and generate more google ads revenues.

Lengthy and more informative articles are the strength of your website. If your articles have more heading and different paragraphs to explain then post pagination is a better way to make the reading experience better for your readers.

Benefits of using the Automatically Paginate Posts plugin

Helps to paginate long articles into multiple pages.

Automatically split posts on the based on saved settings.

This plugin is very easy to install and activate.

The plugin is free for every WordPress user.

This plugin works with every theme installed on a WordPress website.

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